Started “Ramen News” channel!



Hello. This is WA-SHOKU management office.

Have you all tried Japanese “Ramen”noodle before?  Probably there is a traditional noodle also in your country. Japanese Ramen noodle has wide variety of soup (miso, soy sauce, salt, and pork broth), ingredients, and noodles. (thick, thin, and flat) Some people even say there are about 35,000 ramen restaurants in Japan. The popularity makes ramen called one of the Japanese “national foods.”

Lately, the associated company of the Japan Food Journal Co.,Ltd. started “Ramen News” channel on YouTube to explore the cooking process by Ramen restaurants! Please check their channel to enjoy the diversity and fan facts of “Ramen.” I am sure you will want to visit Japan and eat ramen after watching the channel!