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Company details for EAT & Co.,Ltd.


Established: August 1977

Capital: 960,070,000 yen

Number of employees: 1,164 (include permanent and part time) *As of March 31, 2018

Work Location: Tokyo or Osaka in Japan

Company Business And Selling pointHP: Eat&Co.,Ltd. (Japanese Only)

【Business category】

  • Restaurant business: Increasing directly managed restaurants also in areas around Tokyo
  • Food business: Being a food manufacturer selling frozen foods and seasonings
  • Production business: Emphasizing domestic production, safety and stable supply

【PR Point】

Our idea of “Eat” + “&” to contribute to the food culture in your daily life.Pursuing the essence of the deliciousness is not only to deliver “Food” or “Service”,but also to deliver various kinds of emotion or joy felt with your five sense via “Eat”ing,which leads to “the true happiness” for the way of life, work, or play, and the way of Interacting with the nature or the city. We do not only suggest “Eat” to make you full, butalso create “&” to contribute to the food culture in your daily life.

●Main item: Gyoza

Working Condition / JOB DETAIL

Company name: Eat & Co.,Ltd.

Address:15F,shinagawa east tower, 4-12-8, higashi-shinagawa, shinagwa-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Working hours: 8 hours each day

Holiday: Depends on location. Overtime Average 45 hours/month

Paid holiday: 10 days

Welfare: Health insurance,Health check,Company rented house,Other(lend uniform etc)

Company housing: yes

Position: Store staff

Contract Period: 5 years

Job content: Osaka Ohsho store operations staff(education, cooking, service parts)

Assigned destination: Tokyo or Osaka

Salary: 232,000 yen/ monthly

Bonus: 4 monthes/1 year

Japanese: Communication level ( Japanese Language Proficiency Test 3 or higher )

English: Communication level

Educational background: Graduated University

Adopted after training: On the job training in Tokyo, Japan.

*The contents of such working conditions manifest in this job offer vote is, there  is a different thing and working conditions at the time of the labor contract