Food Manufacture of beverage products/Beverage Managers/ JAPAN & THAILAND

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Food Manufacture of beverage products/Beverage Managers/ JAPAN & THAILAND

Client Synopsis

Client name : non-disclosure
 :Food Manufacture/beverage products
Number of Employee# : 369
Found : 2002/7
Headquarters Address :Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo ,Japan
Description of Business :
■Export and sale of beverage products
■Import and sale of beverage products
■Manufacture and sale of beverage products
■Planning and development of beverage products
■Research and development of beverage products
■Development of patent, utility model, trade name
■Overseas market survey, marketing
Features :
Planning, manufacture and sales of our products are the core of HARUNA Inc.’s business, and unique imported beverages with high added value are also expanding in sales in Japan. As overseas business of Haruna Group does comprehensively produce on planning, manufacture and sales of beverage to well-known local distribution companies in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Idia through Bangkok, Thailand since 2013, by taking advantage of the skills and know-how about soft drink that have been cultivated in the domestic market.
【Characteristics of business】
HARUNA Inc. is a specialized trading company of beverage products sold in mass merchandisers. We import and sell overseas drink products to Japan, as well as sales of our own products. We are also focusing on the development of our original brand. As its own products, we are producing three brands of products, including tea-based beverage “Le cafe series”, “mySmoothie” which can take fruits necessary for a day, and natural mineral water “Haruna “. As overseas development strategy, we are developing a new business model to produce OEM products by tie-up with local companies in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam.
【Human Resource Development】
Starting from its foundation, in order to stick to the training of human resources who create corporate value, to acquire systematic knowledge and to raise the insight to other than his own special field, in April 2005 launched a business school to promote “cultivation of hum resources for creating corporate value”.

Job Information

Job Opening Type/Occupation : 【Located in Thailand】Candidate for Beverage Managers
Job Description :
Assign to the company which, as a venture capital company, domestic and overseas sales departments are made independently nine years ago. You will charge in the development of PB products to ASEAN countries.
【Specific Job Description】
You will be responsible for overseas expansion on PB (private brand) products, described 1 to 3 below, by taking advantage of the know-how on beverages that have cultivated in the domestic market.
1. Marketing
Marketing the resources of our beverage department and the needs and conditions of Asian countries, and perform simulation of selling method and target segments in countries and regions,
2. Commodity Planning
From the concept design of products to be developed, grasping raw materials purchase, manufacturing process, etc., and planning to produce the optimal merchandise for the appropriate target.
It is also included in the business to make use of the local development department and to develop new affiliated factories as production bases.
3. Customer and market development, implementation of suggested sales
Test marketing of finished products, cultivate customers and markets, sales proposal for sales
【Attractiveness of Work】
It is fascinating that it is “small numbers-exceptional talent”, which enables to feel close to the president and management team. There are many opportunities to learn from the viewpoint of both manufacturers and trading companies about the beverage business. It is a very attractive corporate style for individuals who have a large discretionary power and can act actively on their own initiative.
Required Operational Experiences/Necessary Experience
■experience in food, beverage maker and trading company (marketing, overseas sales, commodity planning, etc.)
■business level of Japanese and English proficiency (Thai language skill is preferred.)
■with interesting in other countries, especially in Asian countries
Work Hour
 : 9:00~18:00
Monthly Salary : 6~10 million yen


Type of Employment:Regular Employee
Academic Background:a university or higher level degree


Insurance :
Health Insurance, Employees’ Pension Insurance, Employment Insurance, Workers’ Accident Insurance
Benefits :
Commuting allowance, Housing allowance, Family Allowance
Holidays :
Congratulations or condolence vacation, New Year holiday, Summer Holiday, Paid holiday
Number of Annual Holidays:120
Work Location1 : Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Work Location2 : Bangkok, Thailand