Food Manufacture of Health Food Business/Overseas Sales/JAPAN

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Food Manufacture of Health Food Business/Overseas Sales/JAPAN

Client Synopsis

Client name : non-disclosure
 :Food Manufacture/Health Food Business
Number of Employee#
 : 260
Found : 1987/6
Headquarters Address : Onomichi City, Hiroshima,Japan
Description of Business :
■Health Food Business
■Agriculture and Gardening Materials Business
■Skin Care Business
■Pet Supplement Business
■Fisheries and Stockbreeding Business
■Vegetable Fermentation Extract Business
Features :
【Founded 30 years. It is a fast-growing company with the power of fermentation】
Main products are fermented botanical food product made out of spontaneously fermented and matured 53 kinds of botanical raw materials for more than three years and three months.
Technologies capable of fermenting multiple kinds of materials in a complex manner are extremely rare in the world, and this unique technology is evaluated in the world.
Components derived from plants can be developed into a wide range of fields, other than using for the healthy food products, it develops for skin care, agriculture, fisheries and stockbreeding field and pet supplements and those products are distributed to 30 countries in the world.

【Fermentation technology from Japan to the world!!】
Our company has its own fermentation technology.
Having patents in seven countries including Japan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, United States, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, as well as England and EU, including Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, requests for technical cooperation are received both domestically and overseas.
In particular, in recent years, we have received many inquiries from foreign countries promoting agriculture as a national policy, especially from the Asian region.
We are developing our business globally not only as health food but also various fields such as agricultural field.

Job Information

Job Opening Type/Occupation : Overseas Sales
Job Description :
■You will be responsible for managing our local distributors in Asia and developing new sales channels (agencies), that develop our company’s main products (health food, cosmetics, food ingredients, agricultural materials).
※Since we have established local a subsidiary in Myanmar, there is the possibility of staying in a local subsidiary in various countries including Myanmar in the future.
【Overseas Markets】Myanmar, Malaysia, Germany, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Required Operational Experiences/Necessary Experience :
■business level Japanese proficiency
■person who has experience in overseas sales or corporate sales (approximately 5 years or more)
■business level English proficiency (TOEIC 800 points or over)
■person who has experience of management
■person who has experience of sales at trading company
■person who has experience in large business negotiations such as business tie-ups, proposal skills, development of new agents, new product planning
【Ideal Candidate】
■person with good attitude to value communication skills and teamwork
Work Hour
 : 8:45~17:45
Monthly Salary : 4~7 million yen
Note Memo :
※Decided according to your experience and skills
※The deemed overtime work for 20 hours in a month is included. The excess will be paid separately.


Number Hired:1 person
Type of Employment:
Regular Employee


Insurance :
Health Insurance, Employees’ Pension Insurance, Employment Insurance, Workers’ Accident Insurance
Benefits :
※Good Fringe Benefits※
We value our employees’ health and provide various kind of benefits.
・cover medical checkup fees and support meal expenses, have subsidy system for qualification obtaining, awards system such as for long service with company, etc.
・training system, such as language and marketing classes, outfit allowance for overseas business trip, company trip
・rental of company owned boat and bicycle, loan system for purchasing bicycles
・free drink vending machines available in office
Other Benefits:
Job Allowance (up to 100,000 yen) Housing Allowance (up to 35,000 yen / additional allowance available) Separable Allowance (50,000 yen)
Family Allowance (15,000 yen for spouse, 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen for children) Assignment Allowance (over 170,000 yen) Meal Allowance (2,100 to 3,150 yen) Commuting Allowance (maximum 50,000 yen)
Holidays :
Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays (need to work on Saturday about once a month according to company calendar)
Paid holiday system is available, summer holiday, New Year holiday, refresh holiday are also available
Number of Annual Holidays:114
Work Location1 : Osaka,Japan