Food Service Industry/Manager for Overseas/JAPAN

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Food Service Industry/Manager for Overseas/JAPAN

Client Synopsis

Client name : non-disclosure
 :Food Service Industry
Number of Employee#
 : 84
Found : 2013/4
Headquarters Address : Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Description of Business :
■venture business, aiming to expand 1,000 stores in Japan and overseas, by multiplication of sweets, IT and design, with giving “revolution of sweets”
■Production and sales of confectionery (specialty store of cheese tart: BAKE, specialty store of puff: CROQUANTCHOU ZAKU ZAKU, specialty store of apple pie: RINGO)
■administration of commerce service (exclusively online brand: PICTCAKE)
■WEB media management

20 stores in Japan/17 stores overseas (Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore) ※as of April, 2017

Features :
BAKE continuously strives to create new and innovative treats, and BAKE CHEESE TART was opened overseas last year. New business and media business, including THE BAKE MAGAZINE, 99chocolate and have started.
We will create a foundation to reflect customers’ voices in products and shops in not only SNS centering around owned media of BAKE, but also create contacts even in analogue places

【Future Prospects】
We are planning to expand the business mainly in the metropolitan area in Japan and to 30 shops overseas, by June, 2017.
We are also working on new business, while aiming to create two brands in a year

Job Information

Job Opening Type/Occupation : Manager for Overseas Member Store Development
Job Description :
■Interview with a company that wishes to be a member store (we have a lot of inquiries for requests for member stores)
■New FC store development
※Basically, you will be responsible for business overseas
※The store management is in charge of a different position
※a measurement of the area per one store: 66~99㎡
※Negotiate and instruct in English directly with the local franchisors
【Assigning Area】
ASEAN region and Middle East (22 existing stores are including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.)
Required Operational Experiences/Necessary Experience :
■experience in development of overseas stores (under the direct management or franchise)
■business level English proficiency
■person who has no problem for overseas business trips

□Best: experience in development of overseas FC stores
□Better experiences in food and drink industry

【Ideal Candidate】
Those who are able to work on tasks by taking prompt action
Work Hour
 : 9:30~18:30
Monthly Salary : 6~8 million yen
Note Memo :
※The overtime payment for 45 hours is included in the above annual income.


Type of Employment:Regular Employee


Insurance :
Health Insurance, Employees’ Pension Insurance, Employment Insurance, Workers’ Accident Insurance
Benefits :
Employee Discount System / Employee Award System / Birthday Holiday
Holidays :
Number of Annual Holidays: 109 days
5 days in summer / 3 days for New Years / 1 birthday holiday
Number of Annual Holidays:109
Work Location1 : Minato Ward, Tokyo