Manufacture and sales of various canned and retort foods,pet foods/Overseas Sales/JAPAN&PHILIPPINES

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Manufacture and sales of various canned and retort foods,pet foods/Overseas Sales/JAPAN&PHILIPPINES

Client Synopsis

Client name : non-disclosure
 :Food Manufacture
Number of Employee#
 : 250
Found : 1948/9
Headquarters Address : Shizuoka City, Shizuoka,JAPAN
Description of Business :
Manufacture and sales of various canned and retort foods / Manufacture and sales of pet foods/Sales of health foods
【Major Products】
various canned tuna, various canned agricultural and marine products, various pet foods, various health foods
Tokyo Headquarters, Shizuoka Headquarters, Sendai Office, Shizuoka Office, branch offices in Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Chintao, China and Thailand
Features :
Canned tuna has been the second largest share in the domestic market. “Inaba Light Tuna”, which is famous for CM, is the company’s key product.
■The key product of “Inaba Light Tuna” is a pioneer of flaky canned tuna. We manufacture and sell various products, mainly on canned products, including fishes and shellfishes, agricultural products.
■Pioneer of canned tuna: “Inaba light tuna” was an innovative product not only because attention was focused on yellowfin, which was a new marine resource in those days, but also because it brought about an era of mass production of canned tuna in Japan by flaking tuna and adopting a high-speed tuna-filling system
■Since 1958, we have been engaged in the production of pet foods. Seen in this light, we are one of the earliest brand manufacturing companies of wet foods. In 1989, after twenty years of exporting to Italy, we created “CIAO” as a premium brand of domestically-produced cat foods. In 1997, we established INABA PETFOOD Co., Ltd. as a sales company of pet foods. We have developed into a top brand of premium wet cat foods, with approximately half a century of production achievements up to now as well as the production and sales of approximately 1000 quality-first items, including dog foods of the Inaba brand. We have been rapidly growing in the market as a premium brand manufacturing company that is loved and trusted by customers. From East Asia, China to the West, as a global pet food brand, we will expand and enrich overseas factories and overseas affiliates.

Job Information

Job Opening Type/Occupation : Overseas Sales Candidate for Markets in the Philippines
Job Description :
As an oversea sales manager for the Philippines, responsible for sales of company products including canned and retorted foods and pet foods to overseas wholesalers and retailers. Sales style is, not just a walk-in sales, getting appointments with marked customer in a customer list, offering suggestions, acquiring new customers among the participants of exhibitions, extracting targets from marketing survey. There are various methods of extracting and selecting the targets.
There is no quota, but in order to manage it as department budget, team cooperation is required.
※While doing domestic sales in Japan for the time being, you need to prepare for the market development in the Philippines (accompany Japanese representative on his/her business trip for interpretation and translation of business materials, etc.)
It is the position to be transferred overseas in the future.
Required Operational Experiences/Necessary Experience :
・native speaker level of Filipino
・business level of Japanese language
・Person with experience working in the food industry
・Person with experience of corporate sales (tangible material)
Work Hour
 : 8:30~17:30
Monthly Salary : 3.8~5 million yen
Note Memo :
※negotiable depends on your experiences and skills
■overtime work: sales allowance available
■bonus: twice a year
■salary increase: once a year


Number Hired:1 person
Type of Employment:
Regular Employee


Insurance :
Health Insurance, Employees’ Pension Insurance, Employment Insurance, Workers’ Accident Insurance, Welfare Pension Fund
Benefits :
Commuting Allowance, Family Allowance, Dorm House, Retirement Allowance System
Other (described in separate frame)
■Internal Loan System
■Welfare Facilities Using System
■Pet Breeding Incentive System
■Regional Allowance available
■Sales Allowance available
■Overtime Allowance available
■Lunch Allowance (700yen/day) available
■Assignment Allowance available
■Reward for Perfect Attendance available
■Overseas Training System available
■PHS Supplementary Expenses available
Holidays :
Paid Holidays: 10~20 days
Number of Holidays: 110 days
※it depends on internal calendar
※It may be on Saturday attendance about once a month
■a five-day week system (holidays are Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)
■summer holiday/New Year’s holiday/congratulations and condolences holidays
Number of Annual Holidays:110
Work Location1 : Edogawa Word, Tokyo,JAPAN
Work Location2 : the Philippines