Sales in Japanese company /THAILAND

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Sales in Japanese company /THAILAND

Client Synopsis

Client name : non-disclosure
Industry: Trading
Address: Bangkok, Thailand
Business: The company was established in 2008 by one of the management of the leading frozen seafood manufacturer and distributor in Japan. The management noticed the change of lifestyle in modern society in which people spend less time cooking and selecting good quality products. In view of this, the management formed a group to establish a company.
Characteristic : The Company’s operations are distribution, import, and export frozen seafood, dehydrated food, finished food, and processed food, such as shirasu, saba fish, hokke fish, salmon roe, mentaiko roe, sea urchin roe, fresh squid, tako, crab meat, crab claw, scallop, oyster, sweet shrimp, Japanese seasonings, etc.

Job Information

Occupation: Food Products Development
Placement: Regular Employee

Job Description :
❖Expand the sales
❖Target client is Restaurant and Manufacture (canning, Pet food, etc)
❖Food item: Small fish, meat(wagyu), Japanese food
❖Following up regular customer by-line, phone, and FTF and find a new customer
❖Delivering food, translation, general affair job, import and export

Necessary Experience :
❖Good communication skills
❖Candidates who would like to try sales job

Monthly Salary: 20000THB~30000THB
Location: Bangkok, Thailand