The flavor of Sake



Have you ever tasted the flavor of Sake?

Sake is one of the Japanese traditional alcoholic drinks made from fermented rice. Sake is also known as “Nihonshu” in Japanese and has been enjoyed over 2,500 years with the history.

Sake has variety of flavor and it is classified to 4 types based on the aroma and flavor.

Those are Aromatic Sake, Refreshing Sake, Aged Sake and Rich Sake. Also the aroma and flavor change by the temperature.


Furthermore, Sake matches any kinds of foods around the world since it contains “Umami” such as organic acids and amino acids.

You can enjoy paring sake with Japanese foods, Chinese foods, Thai foods, French foods, Italian foods…etc.

Let’s enjoy paring sake with your national foods in your home country and “KANPAI SAKE” (Cheers Sake!) with your precious friends and family!