Trading/Japanese Store Manager /MALAYSIA

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Trading/Japanese Store Manager /MALAYSIA

 Client Synopsis

Client name : non-disclosure
 : Trading
Address : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business :Our company was founded in Malaysia in 2009 as a well-diversified company involved in trading, import, export, warehousing, and organizing food fairs to meet both local and international market demands. We trade food, food products, raw materials, and semi-manufactured products for processing industries, wholesalers, retailers, and HORECA segments
Characteristic: Our head office and warehouse are located in Selangor, Malaysia.
The warehouse is a 3-minute walk away from the head office. Facilities are fully equipped for both refrigerating and freezing, and products are kept at optimum temperatures. Also, there is a rice-polishing facility, and fresh polished white rice is always ready to deliver.

Job Information

Occupation: Store Manager in Japanese Retail
Placement: Regular Employee

Job Description :
❖Managing the daily operation of the store

❖Customer service of Japanese luxury foods
❖Work closely with team members to ensure excellent service is provided to customers.
❖Monitoring and overseeing inventory and sales

Necessary Experience :
❖Good interpersonal, communication and presentation management skills.
❖Fluency in Japanese and English
❖Able to work on staggered shift and flexible working hours.
Monthly Salary : 5500RM~6500RM
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia