New staff, currently working as a trainees in July 2024

1. What is the reason for applying to Yoshinoya?

I’ve been eating beef bowls several times at Yoshinoya in Thailand since I was a child. I applied because I wanted to study management at Yoshinoya in Japan and increase the number of stores in Yoshinoya in Thailand.

2. How did you prepare before joining the company?

I checked the Yoshinoya website and read the president’s thoughts and the articles of senior employees on the recruitment page to deepen my understanding of the company.

3. What do you like the most in your current job?

I’m very happy when I was complimented by the store manager or by part-time employees when I achieved new operation challenges. I really enjoy the process of scooping beef with a special ladle and putting it on top of rice in the rice bowl. 

4. What are your problems with working in Japan?

I’m in trouble when customers speak fast, but my colleagues always support me when I am in trouble. Thanks to them.

5. Is there a difference between working in Japan and Thailand?

Restaurants in Thailand, staff can relax after or before peak hours, but in Japan, even out of peak time they are busy cleaning and refilling products.

6. Please give a message to those who want to work in Japan.

I think you will be worried about what you can’t do when you come to Japan and the language barrier, but I’m working hard every day, believing that if you don’t give up and challenge yourself, you can overcome it. Please don’t think too much before you come.