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■ Handling of Personal Information

Please refer to the “Policy on the Protection of Personal Information”

■ Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

The Company, on the core business of which includes temporary staffing, temp-to-permanent, outplacement, and other human resource services, recognizes deeply the importance of the handling of personal information and shall provide the following Policy on the Protection of Personal Information to ensure the rights concerning the personal information of temporary staff, registrants of staffing agencies, outplacement users and clients, along with the appropriate acquisition, use, offer and enforcement of the items set forth below:  

1. Establishment of the Governing Team
The Company establishes a governing team designated with roles, responsibilities and authorization to conduct the personal information protection management system effectively.
2. Appropriate Administration Management
The Company familiarizes and educates its employees with an appropriate personal information protection management system manual.
3. Prohibition of Utilization for Unintended Purposes
The Company shall not handle personal information beyond the necessary scope to achieve a specified utilization purpose (hereinafter referred as to “Utilization for Unintended Purpose) and implement necessary measures in order to prevent the Utilization for Unintended Purpose of personal information.
4. Compliance with Laws and Ordinances
The Company develops a plan and appropriate manual of personal information management system in order to comply with laws and ordinances applicable to the personal information protection, national guidelines and other rules.
5. Enforcement of Safety Measure
The personal information managed under the Company is provided appropriate protection and corrective action on its leakage, loss, damage, etc. to ensure accuracy and safety.
6. Action for Dealing with a Complaint
In regard to handling personal information and personal information protection management system, the Company shall establish necessary systems and procedures as well as complying and maintaining them in order to properly receive the complaint and consult with the subject, and seek the proper and prompt management of a complaint.
7. Continuous Improvement
Concerning the personal information protection management system established upon which these policies are based, the Company shall continuously enforce reevaluation by internal audits, improve and maintain its standard, as well as consider the technical trends, etc. of the information industry.
Establishment Date: April 1, 2005
Latest Amendment Date: January 1, 2021  

Norihiro Iwasaki, Personal Information Protection Managing Director

■ Prohibited Acts

・any act that may disadvantage or damage the Company or third parties, infringe on the fortune or privacy of a party, damage the reputation of or confidence in a party, or any act which raises concern that the above may occur
・any act that may be against public morals, criminal acts or those which may connect to a crime, or any act which raises concern that the above may occur; any act of false impersonation, report, or registration with another person’s email address, etc.
・any business activity without prior authorization by the Company, or acts intended or in preparation for profit; any act that implements or carries a computer virus or other harmful programs, or any act which raises concern that the above may occur
・any act that violates laws and regulations, or any act which raises concern that the above may occur; any other act that the Company deems inappropriate

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