WA-SHOKU is the platform to connect people from ASEAN countries to Japanese companies, especially for who are interested in Japanese foods or farming and working in Japan or Japanese enterprises. This website will provide job matching opportunities and useful information.
WA-SHOKU has an origin of its name in “Washoku”(和食) which means “traditional Japanese food”, and it is registered as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.
 “WA”(和) means “unity” and “circle” in Japanese, with which we have a hope that this website will be a platform to unite many people.
“SHOKU”(食) means both “Job” and “Food” in Japanese, which we associate the message of delivering information to people looking for jobs in Japanese food industries.
We would like to help people from ASEAN countries, who study and work with interests on food industries and farming, to know more about Japanese food or farming. To support it, “WA-SHOKU” will share information on Japanese food, farming, recruitment, and company information helpful to start working in Japan or Japanese companies.

For you who want to work in Japanese companies!

Four steps to apply for jobs through WA-SHOKU

1. Check job postings 
2. Make resume to promote yourself
3. Apply for Japanese Companies
4. Employment screening starts

  1. Check job postings

    At first, please check WA-SHOKOU website and find the job postings you are interested in.

    ※Make sure to read the job descriptions of each postings carefully.


  2. Make resume to promote yourself

    If you find the posting you are interested in, please make documents as a resume and a list of job histories to promote yourself.

    ※Write down what you have experienced with your jobs or fields you have studied exclusively!

  3. Apply for Japanese Companies

    Please “send application” from WA-SHOKU website.

    ※On an application form, make sure to attach a resume, a list of job histories and other documents to promote yourself. You can submit application without the documents, however it lowers a chance to pass job screening.

  4. Employment screening starts

    Application information will be directly sent to companies for the document screening. You will receive the information about further screening process directly from the companies only when it passed the document screening.

If you find a company which interests you, send an application!
Japanese companies are looking for you!


  • Search Jobs!

    Recruitment information from many Japanese companies.



    Latest information on Japanese food and farming reported by locals in Japan.



    Japanese business information helpful for you to start working in Japan or Japanese companies.