New staff, currently working as a trainees in July 2024

1.What is the reason for applying to Yoshinoya?

After taking Yoshinoya’s corporate course at university, I went to Yoshinoya in Thailand to eat and felt that it was delicious, so I was even more interested and applied for an internship and was selected to participate. At that time, I learned a lot of things and I applied because I wanted to challenge myself by betting my life in this business.

2.What did you prepare before joining the company?

I read Yoshinoya’s website. The recruiter taught me the technical terms and basic knowledge of eating out, and I studied in advance.

3.What do you like the most in your current job?

I’m happy when the customer says thank you for the meal. I like customer service now.

4.What are your problems with working in Japan?

It’s a cross-cultural and language barrier (the speed of Japanese). But when I don’t understand or when I can’t follow those speaking speeds, I try to ask again to confirm.

5.Is there a difference between working in Japan and Thailand?

In Thailand, I feel that the work pattern varies depending on the individual, but in Japan, it is standardized, so I feel that it is efficient.

6.Please give a message to those who want to work in Japan.

Before coming to Japan, I was worried that there were various detailed rules and it would be difficult, but I understood that they were connected to safety and productivity. If you want to be active in the management class in the future, I recommend you to work in Japan.