【Interview】Mr. LUU TOAN QUANG





New staff, currently working as a trainees in July 2024
Mr. LUU TOAN QUANG  From Vietnam

1.What is the reason for applying to Yoshinoya?

I’ve been interested in the food business since I was in high school. In Japan, Yoshinoya’s beef bowl is famous, but in Vietnam, there is still only one store in Ho Chi Minh City. I applied because I wanted to play an active role, as a Vietnamese, if I could open a store in Hanoi in the future.

2,How did you prepare before joining the company?

Of course, I read the Yoshinoya website, but I also checked Japanese business manners and life in Japan on the Internet and YouTube.

3.What do you like the most in your current job?

It’s been 3 months since I joined the company, but I’m addicted to cooking and serving meat.

4.What are your problems with working in Japan?

After all, I’m in trouble because I can’t get what customers order because they speak so fast especially during busy times.

5.Is there any difference between working in Japan and Vietnam?

In Vietnam, you can take a good rest after a busy time, but in Japan, even if you have free time I have a lot of work to do.

6.Please give a message to those who want to work in Japan.

I think there is still a language problem because I work as a foreigner, but no matter how small it is, I try to ask colleagues or store manager questions on the spot without delaying it. I went sightseeing in Kyoto on my day off the other day. If you are interested in Japanese culture and history, not only work, but I think there are many other things you can learn and fulfill your life experience here