Daifuku Mochi  だいふくもち



Daifuku Mochi


After coming to Japan and living here for a month, daifuku mochi has become one of my favorite Japanese delicacies. It is one of the traditional Japanese sweets. Daifuku according to the Japanese people means `great luck`. It is one of preferred delicacies that most Japanese people know about.

“Daifuku” is a rice cake stuffed with strawberries and sweet red bean paste. Depending on manufacturers, there are a variety of Daifuku. Some can be found with red bean paste and special ones are with strawberry in the mochi. But my favorite one is one with the strawberry inside. I first ate daifuku when our chef Taka Pon made for us during our first dinner when we came to Japan.

My most memorable day was when I went with a small group of friends to Kobe on the weekends. It was first time to visit Japan for many of us. So, we decided exploring Japanese’s cuisines. Besides uncovering some real hidden restaurants my best foods was eating daifuku.


How to prepare Daifuku Mochi recipe?

Although you can purchase this at the convenience store, making it yourself makes it more delicious.

Since I was so interested to make daifuku myself I asked our chef Taka Pon the preparation of daifuku. And here are the processes he mentioned on how to make daifuku. The ingredients you need are mochiko (sweet rice flour), water, sugar and potato or corn starch. First mix mochiko and water in a bowl and mix well. Then add some more water and mix the batter until you get the right consistency. Next, steam the Mochi dough (leaving the dough in the bowl) in a steamer for 20-25 minutes and transfer the steamed Mochi into a pot and cook at medium to medium low heat. Take the hot Mochi out from the pot onto a sheet pan sprinkle with cornstarch. Cut some Mochi out and wrap the Mochi around in a small ball the daifuku and is ready to serve.

I would recommend to both visitors to try daifuku when you visit Japan or try making it yourself at home.