Did you know “Nigiri” and “Wasabi-Nuki”? -New knowledge of Sushi-



If you’ve never had sushi in Japan before, sushi is a must-have.  Sushi in Japan is not only very easy to get, but it is also a very famous food to eat, especially in Japan.  Sushi, for the most part, is very different in Japan when compared to sushi in other parts of the world.  That’s why, I believe eating sushi in Japan is incredibly desirable.

As for sushi, there are typically two ways to eat it.  There’s nigiri, which is with rice, and then there’s sashimi, which is without rice.  With nigiri sushi, the raw fish is usually placed on top of rice, and most times includes wasabi and soy sauce. If you do not like wasabi, which is known to be very spicy, you can ask for your sushi wasabi-nuki, which means without wasabi.

Each fish has a unique and distinct taste, so I encourage everyone to advise caution when eating new types of sushi.  Everyone has their likes and dislikes in terms of food, and some people are not accustomed to eating raw fish.  Therefore, I encourage everyone to trust their own sense of their likes and dislikes when eating sushi for the first time.

For me, I really enjoy many different types of fish, but my favorite are salmon and ikura.  I usually eat salmon and ikura nigiri style, which means that it comes on top of rice.  Below are some photos.

In Japan, there are many different types of restaurants that sell sushi, and there are many different price ranges as well.  The type of fish can also greatly affect the price of sushi.  Many branches of sushi restaurants have a “guru-guru” style of serving their sushi, which is quite unique compared to other restaurants.  In this style, sushi moves around a conveyor belt, and all the customers are free to take any plate of sushi from the conveyor belt. Sushi plates are color-coded and let the customers know how much each plate of sushi costs.  Many of these types of sushi restaurants have self-service tea that you can make yourself with a hot water tap and green tea powder.  At the end of your meal, the staff counts the plates in their respective colors to tell you your total bill.

Eating sushi in Japan is truly an exciting experience.