FURIKAKE, Sprinkles of Japan



Before coming to Japan I had no clue of what Furikake was. I had the luck to live one year in an international environment which loved Japanese cuisine and that’s where I started to love these delicious sprinkles representing the best Japanese flavors in a small bag.

There are hundreds of flavors and even more combinations, this is the reason why it is so common in Japan. On top of your rice, mixed with your Onigiri rice balls, in your miso soup and many more ways to use it makes it one of the most versatile products in Japanese’s cuisine.

The invention of the Furikake can be dated back to almost 100 years ago when it was used mainly as integrator of nutrients the Japanese population was lacking.  Back then the main ingredients were dried fish bones, sesame seeds and seaweed which are basically the same ingredients we can find in the majority of nowadays recipes. Later on some of the most famous Japanese food companies started to produce massively this delicious mix allowing the market to sell It basically in every corner of Japan.

Personally I do love Furikake because it’s easy and ready to consume. Are you hungry but you only have tasteless white rice? Just sprinkle some Furikake on top of your bowl and here is your meal.  Your soup is missing a bit of flavor? Here is your handful of sprinkles to start the party in your palate. Do you want to have a healthy meal with baked vegetables? Then just make these confetti made of food rain on it.

If you haven’t found your favorite flavor yet, here is the recipe I use to make my own sprinkles:

Dry-roast 50mg (⅓ cup) sesame seeds in a frying pan over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until fragrant and browned (1-2 minutes). Transfer to a bowl, stir in 2 tsp sea salt and stand to cool.Thinly slice 2 Nori seaweed sheets (it’s easiest to do this with kitchen scissors), add to sesame mixture along with 2½ tablespoon bonito flakes (katsuobushi).If you want a bit more spiciness a pinch of black and chili pepper will give the right hit. Toss to combine and store in an airtight container for up to 2 months.