How to proceed with job hunting in Japan①



Because of COVID-19 affect some procedure of Job Hunting have been changed but the basics are almost same as before.

~ 2021-2022 graduate job hunting points~

  • Companies that are in the process of screening are using WEB briefing sessions and screening( Skype, Zoom, etc. )
  • Half of companies say hiring will end later than planned
  • Future recruitment activities will depend on the improvement of the situation or the implementation of the vaccination.
  • Expected to be stricter than previous years
  • The retail, tourism, food and drink industries are particularly affected.
  • Real estate, information and communications, and online shopping are not so affected

What are the advantages of web selection?

  1. Easy to adjust time
  2. Be able to interview in a more relaxed setting than going to the interview site
  3. No need to go to the interview location

However, there is something you should be careful about.

  1. Your background can be seen on the other side. Please be careful not to be covered with garbage, or have your laundry reflected or messed up.
  2. Sound: Please swith off the TV, Radio or Other music which can create sound; before Starting the Session.
  3. The clothes and appearance are the same as the interview. You can’t wear pajamas or casual clothes. Wear a proper suit and trim your hair.

The system behind job hunting in Japan

Collective recruitment of new graduates
Job hunting in Japan is unique compared to other countries. The selection process is completed while the student is still in school, and an informal job offer is made “Collective hiring of new graduates”.
Seniority system
Salary increases with age “seniority system”
I’ll talk about your salary system later.
Lifetime employment system
Hire employees for long periods of time from initial employment until mandatory retirement “lifetime employment system“
However, recently, some companies have reviewed this system.
An increasing number of companies are eliminating the quota for new graduates and adopting a “year-round hiring” system that hires both new and existing graduates throughout the year.

Differences between Japanese and foreign companies

Japanese companies place importance on organizations (Company), while foreign-owned companies place importance on individuals (work and role).Let’s compare Japanese companies with foreign companies.

Have you ever heard the word “HOURENSOU? Report, contact and consultation.

When you make a decision, talk to your boss, seniors, or colleagues, take the time to discuss it, get approval from various people, and then proceed. You need to work as an “organization”.

While foreign-affiliated companies often hire employees by job type, Japanese companies hire them as “general staff” and experience various job types in that company to nurture people who can do any job.

Can’t you get the job you want? You might think so. It may be difficult immediately after joining the company, but you can try it by experiencing various types of jobs, acquiring skills, finding your favorite field, and expressing your hope for the type of job you want to do in the future.

Some foreign companies use Japanese Language, or some don’t, but most of the customers are Japanese companies or people. Therefore, you will need Japanese ability.