One of the sections of the supermarket where I pay the most attention is in the fish section: what fish is available that day, and the different species according to the time of the year. And yes, the ROE SALMON is one of those I tend to pay attention to because it has a beautiful appearance and taste.

What is ikuradon?

Ikura is the Japanese word for salmon roe. When you add ikura to a bunch of rice, it is called ikura donburi, or as most people call it for short, ikuradon.

What ingredients are used in ikuradon?

You could simply eat ikura together with rice and it would still be tasty. However, to make it even more delicious, adding the following ingredients will make it even tastier. I recommend you to marinate the ikura with a little soy sauce and mirin, letting it soak for about 10 minutes. Also, do not add the salmon roe to the rice when the rice is very hot! This will help to preserve the flavor and texture of the roe. Once you have placed the roe on the top of the rice bed, add a few nori seaweed and a little wasabi (if you like). You can even add other fish in sashimi style (salmon, tuna, crab, etc.) as well!

It looks simple but, is it worth it?

Of course! The similar butter-like texture of the ikura plus the rice (neither too hot nor too cold) makes it a great experience for the palate. I guess you should give this dish a try, either preparing it at home or going to a restaurant to experience it. It can even be an emergency dish for those times when you don’t feel like cooking! In five minutes you can taste a flavorful and healthy ikuradon!