Japanese Food



My favorite Japanese cuisine is “Tempura”. Tempura is one of the popular Japanese dishes. When I was in Japan, I eat with rice. It taste is salty. I like salty food. This is the reason why I like “Tempura”.  It is very good , because of the tasty and  colorful looking.









Another one that I like is Japanese sweet dumplings. It is coated with a sweet soy sauce. 3-5 dangos are included per skewer. It tastes slightly sweet. If I have a chance, I want to try again that delicious dumpling.









The next one is Matcha Japanese Green Tea. I got a chance to experience the outstanding flavor and invigorating benefits of pure, organic matcha. It is made from shade-grown, stone-ground tencha green tea leaves, matcha powder promotes feelings of energy, vitality and focus. It just need to add hot water, whisk and enjoy. It taste is smooth, complex vegetal flavor with a full palette and silky finish.

All of the menu that I explain is just examples and my favorite Japanese foods. I would like to say special thanks to organization for giving me a chance to know Japanese culture and foods and so many experience. Thanks for reading this article.