Japanese Potato Chips



In Japan, you may find that the flavors of potato chips are quite rare. Potato chips are a popular snack all over the world. In Japan, you can find flavors like fish roe, sour lemon, or even pickled plum!

Hokkaido Prefecture, in northern Japan, is very famous for growing potatoes. A little-known fact is that Nagasaki Prefecture, in southern Japan, is the second-largest producer of potatoes domestically. Potatoes are a very hardy product and can be grown in many different climates.

Potato chip flavors in Japan are developed to meet the tastes of people in Japan. This is why you can find potato chips in flavors based on traditional Japanese foods. Luckily, because the humble potato chip is such a versatile vehicle for flavor, you can use almost anything!

Some popular flavors in Japan are based on regional foods. Mentaiko, spicy cod roe, is famous in Kyushu. It has a bright pink color and is often eaten with rice. On potato chips, it is slightly salty and has a unique spiciness that is different from chilis or peppers. Wasabi is grown widely in Shizuoka Prefecture. The bright green color and horseradish flavor is famous worldwide. Pickled plums, or umeboshi, are small stone fruits that have been soaked in salt and then dried in the sun. This is a condiment that is used throughout Japan. It is often a seasonal flavor on potato chips. Yuzu kosho is a spicy paste made from citrus fruits and green chilis. It is commonly eaten with dishes like oden. It is a favorite for many Japanese people.

With so many different varieties of flavors available, it can be difficult to pick which one is best. Sometimes, a classic flavor is the most beloved.

What unique potato chip flavors do you have in your country?