Job application documents



You’ve found an attractive job offer, so you decide to apply for it. However, it says that you have to submit three types of documents in order to apply for the job, and you have no idea what they are. Relax, let’s try to understand what are these documents that are often requested when doing job hunting.

履歴書 (Rirekisho)

It is the resume, where you must write your personal information, academic and work background. At the end of the document, there is a rectangular space where you should write about your reasons for applying to this job, your motivations or even your strengths (強み) that can help you to perform your job. It is recommended that every time you apply to a different company, you research about the values, objectives or worker profile that the company is looking for and modify that space, as it will give more reliability and value to your resume.
In my previous article, I already explained some of the particularities of this document, so please take a look at it!

職務経歴書 (Shokumu keirekisho)

It is a document specifically describing your professional experience to date. In it, you must write down all the jobs you have held, from the most recent to the oldest. In each of them, you must specify the content of the job, when you’ve worked in that company, and what have been the responsibilities you’ve had to carry out in that job, among other things. In short, it is a more accurate and extensive version of your professional career to date.

Cover letter

Not all companies ask for a cover letter, but if you attach it, it can be more elegant and will denote a greater interest in the position. In addition to making a short introduction about yourself, you should state why you are interested in the position or the company in question, as well as how you can contribute to it; ending with gratitude for the time invested in considering you for the position.

Too many documents… but stay calm!

Job hunting is an investment of both effort and time. Not only you have to search for job offers and companies that might interest you, but you also have to complete all the documents that are necessary to apply for the job. Most companies only ask for the resume, but some ask for all three of the above documents, so it can be a long and exhaustive process. But remember: every reward requires effort!