Kibi Dango



Have you ever heard of the famous Momotaro’s tale? If you have ever been to Okayama, you have probably heard about its history, or at least seen many statues of Momotaro and many souvenirs of this famous sweet: kibi dango. 

First, what is kibi dango?

When you ask Japanese people what food is typical of Okayama (located between the Kansai region and Hiroshima), what they usually answer without hesitation is kibi dango. Kibi dango is a type of wagashi dessert made with soft mochi, syrup, and sugar. It is made by confectioners in Okayama city.

But who is Momotaro and how are they related?

According to the story, the wife of an elderly couple was washing clothes in the river when she came across a giant peach bobbing in the water. She picked it up and took it home so she could eat it with her husband. To their surprise, inside the peach was a baby boy, whom they took in as their own and named him Momotaro (momo means peach in Japanese). Momotaro grew up strong, much stronger than other kids of his same age. One day, he was told that there were evil ‘oni’ (ogres) doing some mischief and he decided to confront them. Long story short, on his way he met a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant, who became his adventure companions after he offered them a kibi dango. 
If you want to know how the story continues, feel free to look it up and read it!

Okayama and its many kibi dango

Less than a month ago I visited Okayama with my mother, and we had the opportunity to visit its castle and beautiful garden. Wherever we went there was always a statue of Momotaro with his three teammates. In addition, there were also numerous types of kibi dango with different kinds of flavors. We bought peach-flavored kibi dango and they were delicious! For a dango, it has a much smoother texture, making it a very pleasant experience for the palate.
If you ever go to Okayama, please try kibi dango, and then you can feel like Momotaro for a moment!