Preparation for living in Japan



Hello everyone.
We were talking about preparation for working in Japan until the last article. From this article,
let us introduce about preparation for living in Japan!


You might already be aware of this, but Japan is an earthquake-prone country.
When you have just come to Japan and just have started working in Japan,
you might be so scared and worried if you experience even a little one.
So, let me explain about basic information about earthquake this time.

Earthquake measurement

Shindo(震度:しんど) is a scale for earthquakes used only in Japan and Taiwan.
The difference of Magnitude and Shindo is, “Magnitude” is the power of the earthquake itself,
and “Shindo” is the shaking that we feel in each place.

The shindo scale ranges from shindo 1 (a slight earthquake)
to shindo 7 (a severe earthquake).
Shindo 2 to 4 are still minor earthquakes that do not cause damage,
while objects start to fall at shindo 5, and stronger damage occurs at shindo 6 and 7.


Today, we introduce about how to measure earthquake shakes in Japan.
The concept of “Shindo” is very useful information to think about what to do compare to magnitude
However,  be sure to think about Shindo is not only the way to decide to affection of your life.
Every time when you feel earthquake or hear Emergency Earthquake Alerts, you must ready to deal with it.
By the way, do you think Japanese people are not scared of it?
Yes, of course we are! However, we know a lot of tips to deal with it because we have trained
and learned how it happens and how to protect yourself in earthquake survival since when we are child.
Otherwise, you can make counter measures for this to be less scared.
So, I’ll show you some tips for getting ready for an earthquake next time.
See you soon!