Recruitment Agencies



And here’s another chapter about working in Japan. And this time, following the theme of the previous articles (don’t forget to check them out!), I will talk about recruitment agencies.
I’m sure they exist in many countries. But I guess that in Japan they are on another level, since the ads you can see the most on the train, are about them.

What are recruitment agencies?

Basically, they are companies that help you in your job hunting depending on your profile.
Once you register, they will assign you an agent that you will meet one or more times in an interview format, to get to know you better and see what expectations and ideas you have.

How is the process?

In the first interview, you will be asked about your work experience so far, as well as what kind of job you would like to do and the conditions you are looking for. 
I recommend making a list of what kind of conditions you are interested in (salary, hours, etc).
Based on all the information collected, you will be sent different job offers so that you can take a look at them and, if you are interested, apply for them.
Some of the agents will ask you how the process is going and give you tips on how to approach the interviews or things to modify in the resume, so the process becomes less tiresome.
Once you receive an official offer from the company, it is also possible to have a meeting with the agent to tell them what aspects of the offer convince you or do not, and the agent can consult with the company to make changes to the pre-contract.

But… how much does it cost?

Their services are free of charge since the companies that want to recruit staff are the ones that pay the employment agents, so you will not have to pay anything out of your pocket.

Is it worth it?

I‘ve had almost opposite experiences: very good and very bad.
From my personal experience, some bad agents don’t have good follow-ups or sometimes don’t talk to you after the first interview.  (they don’t send you any job offer or any kind of communication).
Regarding the good agents, they are those who send you many offers based on your interests, and who get involved in your process, trying to understand and empathize with you.
I know people who have used them as well as those who haven’t. I think it is a very personal decision, which also depends on one’s personality and goals.
And you, have you used recruitment agencies?