Japanese Amberjack/Yellowtail



Here are a few of the Japanese names for yellowtail you may encounter: 

Wakashi ワカシ Wakana ワカナ Wakanago ワカナゴ

Yellowtail under 20 cm. 

Inada イナダ

Yellowtail 20-30 cm in length. 

Hamachi ハマチ

Yellowtail 30-40 cm in length. It can also refer to farmed yellowtail. 

Warasa ワラサ

Yellowtail 30-60 cm in length. 

Mejiro メジロ

Yellowtail 60-80 cm in length. 

Buri ブリ

Mature yellowtail over 70-80 cm in length. 
The Chinese character for buri 鰤 differs from the original Chinese name. In Chinese, the character represents a different fish. There are many examples of Chinese characters not matching the fish in the Chinese and Japanese languages due to mistranslation and misunderstanding.