Matcha Chocolate!



Green tea season has come! Today I am picking up a Green tea relating Food!

The Chocolate lover and Green TEA lover both must love it; Matcha Chocolate…


Matcha Chocolate

I do not doubt that there are lots of people who imagine Japan as a country of green tea. Undoubtedly, that is also true for me. Here, you can see a diversity of products made of and mixed with Matcha green tea, which is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. Above all of those “green-colored” products, I truly love eating Matcha chocolates of all sorts and brands. Even before arriving in Japan, I was a chocolate lover, still chocolate has been an inseparable part of daily life. Almost every morning of my life starts with hot boiled tea or coffee with a delicious cake or soft fresh bread, and, of course, dark or green tea chocolate. Green tea chocolate always goes inside my bag because it gives so refreshing feeling when you are exhausted from your busy work.


All convenience stores such a Family Mart, Seven Eleven, and Lawson, as well as all other types of shopping places in Japan, have got such special corners filled with delicious confectionary including mouth-watering sweets, flavorful ice-creams, yummy chocolates, and cookies. This is so special spot for chocolate lovers like me. However, I would not recommend this corner to those who are planning to lose weight. As you can see from the photo above, you can find those yummy chocolates at a very reasonable price as well as I guarantee that you can have such a dreamy and relaxing feeling after tasting those chocolates.

I believe that millions of people know about Kit Kat and tasted it somehow. One of my most favorite chocolates is Kit Kat. Since the time I first tasted it when I was a kindergarten child, I have been a fan of Kit Kat. Wafer inside is so crunchy and delicious, as well as I can prove that pure chocolate-covered outside can give such a dreamy taste to help you to forget all your stresses and hunger. It was so shocking and amazing moment for me to reveal this Green Tea Kit Kat when I first visited Family Mart in Japan. At first, it may be difficult to imagine how to taste such green-colored chocolate, but I can bet that this new and fresh combination of matcha chocolate will never disappoint your sweet tooth. Also, never forget to buy this Kit Kat as a souvenir once you have a chance to arrive in Japan. It will be the most delicious and beautiful present from Japan.