Sukiyaki is a very famous Japanese food.  It comprises of flavorful meat and vegetables, usually over a bowl of rice.  Japanese people and many foreigners who visit Japan enjoy sukiyaki because of its delicious taste and also that it is a relatively quick and easy meal to make if you have some time and the ingredients.

There are many restaurants that are both cheap and expensive that you can eat sukiyaki, but one of my favorite places to eat sukiyaki is at a restaurant chain called Yoshinoya.  At Yoshinoya, you can have a delicious bowl of sukiyaki in front of you within minutes of ordering.  At a Yoshinoya restaurant, you have the option between many different sizes at different, but not too expensive prices ranges.  If you aren’t very hungry, you can order one of the smaller sizes, but if you want more meat and rice, you can go for the large and extra large sizes.  These different sizes and prices give the unique opportunity to eat just as much as you want without having to overeat or under eat.
At Yoshinoya, there are other options available and toppings to choose from.  If you don’t want just meat and rice, you can add onions, spices and even an egg to the top of your sukiyaki.  It is not uncommon to see egg on top of sukiyaki, so don’t be afraid to try it if you have the desire to.

In addition to restaurants like Yoshinoya, there are other places where you can actually make the sukiyaki by yourself.  At shabu-shabu restaurants, you can cook your own meat and add your own dipping sauces to your meat if you want.  Sometimes at these types of restaurants, rice is not included when you order, so if you like rice with your meat, I encourage you to order a side plate as well.  If you are hungry enough, shabu-shabu restaurants offer all you can eat, so I encourage you to try that as well!

If you are allergic to or cannot eat meat, there are many other options that you have as well at these restaurants.  You can cook  vegetables and eat nice soup at these places if you so choose.