STEP5 Work in Japan! ② ”What is HoRenSou?”



Hello everyone!

Finally, this is Step 5 for the five steps to working in Japan!
It’s sudden, but do you know what Horensou(ほうれんそう) is?
”Horensou” is the name of spinach in Japanese. However, the meaning is totally different when it is used on business.

It is an important concept which betters teamwork, allows smoother progress in work, and leads to decreases in mistakes. It is important to keep it in mind.

HoRenSou is the first letters of




In Japan, reporting, informing and consulting are important when you work at a company with people since people here really respect cooperativeness and team work.
Also, these are well known to the basics to smooth progress in business. To be a good employee, you need to understand HoRenSou.

Points for using HoRenSou

Here are points when you use HoRenSou at your work place.

1.Tell even a small matter

2.Distinguish fact from opinion

3.   Tell succinctly

6W1H is important when you do HoRenSou.

When いつ
Where どこで
Who だれが
What 何を
Whom 誰に
Why なんのために
How どのように
How Much いくらで


Today, we introduced about HoRenSou (ほうれんそう), which is one of the most important part of business.
You might think “What a bother!”. Yes, I feel you so much but if you master HoRenSou, you will get trust from your team member and will accomplish a project with your team member smoothly and easily.
That’s all for today! See you next time 😉