Earthquake in Japan ②Preparing for an Earthquake



Hi everyone!
Continued from last time, let me explain how  to prepare for an earthquake.
An earthquake can be a terrifying experience for you, but the most dangerous things happen when you are in panic.
So, I explain what you should prepare to avoid being panic in the case of an earthquake in this article.


1 . Preparing Your Emergency Bag

To prepare for yourself for an earthquake, please prepare your emergency bags which many people in Japan also do.
Here is an example of what is in emergency bags↓


2 . Thinking what to do when an earthquake hits 


Next, let me introduce you what you should do when an earthquake really hits.

When you are indoors

●Protect yourself by hiding under a sturdy table or similar object.
●Get away from any furniture or glass panes that could easily topple over.
●Do not rush outside.
●Keep an open door
You need to be careful of broken glass pieces on the floor when evacuating outside.It will be hepful to put slippers on your bedroom.

When you are outdoors

●Use a bag or your belongings to protect your head.
● Keep away from structures as concrete-block walls,  which could fall apart, and watch out for falling objects such as bricks, glass, or signboards.
At first, protect yourself from falling objects, be careful of collapsing buildings, and evacuate to a safe open place, such as a park.


3. Knowing useful tools for preparing earthquake


“Safety tips”

An app that offers disaster information and earthquake warnings (iPhone and Android).  Available in five languages: English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.


When you visit Tokyo, SONA AREA(そなエリア)at The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park is a best place to learn how to protect yourself from an earthquake and other natural disaster. You can go on a study tour and learn how to keep you safe from an big earthquake through various exhibition and quizzes in this place.



I showed you how to prepare for earthquake in Japan in this time.
As I say last time, having lots of earthquakes  doesn’t mean that people in Japan live in constant worry or fear all the time. This is because we know what to do in case one happens.
Also, lots of buildings in Japan are highly earthquake-resistant and safe.It is important to prepare for it, don’t be too anxious about earthquakes. Hope this article will help you when you experience an earthquake in Japan.
That’s all for today. See you next time!