Expansion of visa for those coming to Japan



Expansion of visa for those coming to Japan

If you would like to work in Japan, You are requested to get a Japanese Visa. Here are the qualifications that are required to receive a Japanese Visa.

1.Types of Visas

You need a “work visa” to work in order to work in Japan. Here are various types of work visas below.

  • Advanced Professional (No. 1 and 2)
  • Professor
  • Technology / Humanistic knowledge / International work
  • Nursing care
  • Technical Skill                                                                                                                   Etc…

Visa types differ depending on the applicant’s ability, academic background, and job description. Today I will focus on the “NEW work visas” which is “Skilled labor Visa”.

2.Skilled Labor Visa

A new visa type was created in order to offer opportunities for skilled foreigners. The Skilled labor visa is divided into two types, 1 and 2  following types of industry.

Type 1: 【Target indutry】

1 Construction industry
2 Shipbuilding/marine industry
3 Automobile maintenance industry
4 Aviation industry
5 Lodging industry
6 Care
7 Building cleaning
8 Agriculture
9 Fishery
10 Food and drink manufacturing industry
11 Restaurant industry
12 Forges and foundry industry
13 Industrial machinery manufacturing industry
14 Electric and electronic information related industry

【Condition】Can renew every 4 months to 1 year. The total period of stay for up to 5 years. It is necessary to pass a foreign examination in order to confirm skills(skills, Japanese). Employment contract with the host company is required. Applicants age (must be 18 years or older) and other details will be reviewed.

Type 2:【Target industry】

1 Construction
2 Shipbuilding/Marine industry

 【Condition】Renewal every 6 months to 1 year. The total period of stay for up to 3 years. Of the specific skills listed in type 1, this visa applies to those who will only be in one specific industry. It is possible to increase the stay for an additional 3 years.
As a general rule, Graduates who pass the requirements for type 1 can advance to type 2. However, those who fall into type 2 are limited to only two industries. Foreigners who have worked in industries not contained in Type 2 it will return to their home countries when their type 1 is finished.

3.How to prepare for applying for a skills visa?

For applying for skills visa, you must pass “Japanese language and skill tests”.You can study the test questions from the following website. There is a Japanese version and an English version.

【Japanese version】
1.Food service skill measurement test text [general service]
2.Food service skill measurement test text [food and drink preparation]
3.Food service skill measurement test text [sanitation management]

【Vietnamese Version】
1.Kỹ năng đặc định loại 1Tài liệu đào tạoKỳ thi đo lường kỹ năng ngành dịch vụ ăn
2.Kỹ năng đặc định loại 1Tài liệu đào tạo Kỳ thi đo lường kỹ năng ngành dịch vụ ăn
3. Kỹ năng đặc định loại 1 Tài liệu đào tạo Kỳ thi đo lường kỹ năng ngành dịch vụ ăn

▼You can check the test schedule and location from here.*Foreign Food Industry Skills Evaluation Organization OTAFF      https://otaff.or.jp/
▼This information is subject to change. Please confirm that that information is up to date by visiting the Japanese immigration website. Please check here for each visa.

【Resource link】:

Japan Food Service Association:                 https://www.jfnet.or.jp/contents/gaikokujinzai/#

Immigration Bureau:

Visa information (Private Sector):