Internship in Japan



Internship in Japan

Finally, summer has come to Japan. We had successive rain for a month longer than last year. Now the temperature is recording higher day by day. Once we go out, it makes us sweat even when doing nothing. When walking around TOKYO station, you will see many foreigners on vacation and children enjoying their summer. But what I would like to focus on today is foreign internship students.

Internship as a trend

There are many foreign students in Japan. The figure has increased up to 105, 301 as a record of 2017. Some years ago, foreign students used to go back to their home country after graduation but nowadays, they obtain jobs in Japan. On the process to find a good job, an internship programme is a trend. For foreigners, this is a great chance to try their Japanese language level and see if they can deal with Japanese working style. It’s an effective practice to know the true Japanese office condition. Attending an internship is most recommendable action to hunt jobs especially for foreign students, said one of the human resource agents who is dealing with an internship programme this summer. Students can practice their ability but also the companies, which are hesitating to hire foreigners, can also practice working with foreign students. That makes such companies have the confidence to hire one.

Tips for success on an internship

But unfortunately, every year some mistake happens. According to the agent above, a common mistake is a miscommunication and attitude.

An Asian student joined an internship for 1 month. He had learned Japanese and technical skill as an engineer but it was the first time to visit Japan.  A morning, he felt a stomachache he could not go to the office, as usual at school, without any contact with the company. After a while, when he was asleep, he was woken up by a Phone call. He answered. It was from his boss, saying ” Where are you now? Did you have a problem with the train? “. The boss was so worried. He answered “Do not worry boss, I just had a stomachache. Maybe tomorrow I can go to the office.” The boss said” OK, I am relieved. Take care.” On the next day, he managed to go to the office, and surprisingly he was scolded about non-absence contact and the attitude.

Do you understand the tips of this real story?

  1. Never absence without contact.
  2. The contact should be before starting time.
  3. The contact should be done by phone call.
  4. No matter how the boss gives you OK, never understand it is OK.


Another Asian student who was also the first time in Japan and spoke minimal Japanese was happy to join an internship program in a company. Before coming to Japan he thought he could not pass the test because of his language level, however, he was chosen as only one internship student in the company. The company was kind to him. He was happy to work there. But one day he couldn’t sleep at night and finally early morning, he could fall in sleep. Then, of course,  he was late for the office. He explained about his sleeping problem to his boss. The boss did not scold him but in the next morning, he was late again. He could not sleep well. The next day, it happened again. He was thinking of, if he cannot fall asleep, he is going to be late to the office the next morning… The company understood him but there was no way to support him. He always feels sorry and the company always worries about his health. Then the internship term has just past.

The tips of this story are…

  1. Controlling your health is the most important manner to work.
  2. Bring some medicine from your country.
  3. Prepare some items that make you relaxed.
  4. Telling the truth to your boss is good to having a good relationship.


Now I hope you may know some key points of an internship. Once you check those tips and keep going, you will have success in your internship! I add some internship websites below. There are several actors who organize international internship program. Some of them are gathering student from abroad and each company supports your visa and accommodation.  It is a quite heavy process to get a visa for internship and accommodation for several months. But Japanese companies are welcome to accept internship students at any price. I hope one day you will join to the internship program and join our society.

▶Tokyo Employment Service for foreigners ―5days internship in TOKYO-

▶Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry — 2-3montsh internship in whole Japan-

▶Tokyo Metropolitan-5days internship in Tokyo-


▶One of the private sector —Each company organizes internship-