Traffic Rule in Japan



Traffic Rule in Japan:

A lot of traffic accidents are reported every day. Especially children related accidents are shocking.

Japan is famous for its safety so children go to school on foot without any guardian. Most of the road is maintained well, people keep to the traffic rules and facilities like mirrors and traffic lights are set up.  Therefore pedestrian are walking relaxed without any expectation that they will be involved in a car accident! The reason why car accident happens cannot be concluded easily, however, one of the reason is lack of understanding of traffic rules and misjudgments.

For foreigners, adjusting to the Japanese traffic rules is necessary to secure their lives. Today I would like to inform you of useful traffic guide in Japan. Please check them out and have a safe life in Japan!


■Traffic Safty Guidelines by Nationa Police Academy



■A GUIDE VIDEO by Association of Traffic and Safety Science


■Basic Japanese Traffic Rules Video by Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office


■ Traffic Rules inJapan by a private road service company




■Driving in Japan: Basic Rules of the Road by a private foreigner support company

Did you understand the Japanese traffic rules? Even if you don’t, please do not worry. Japanese society can support you anytime! Please do not hesitate to visit Japan. We are waiting for you to come to Japan one day.