Vending Machine 自動販売機



What is Vending machine

Vending machine is a machinery that you could buy an item by touching electronic money or putting in coins. Japan is a “vending machine power” and there are many machines everywhere: at the station, department store, school, company, roadside. It is said that there are five million vending machines in Japan. Furthermore, the machine is evolving every year.evolving every day evolving every day

The feature of vending machines in Japan

Vending machines have some features. First, you could buy hot and cold drinks in one machine. And the machines have a lotto function generally. If you win the lotto, you could get a beverage for free.

Also, Vending machines play a role of corporate citizenship. For example, when a disaster, you can get drinks and foods at the machines for free because there are a lot of disasters in Japan. Moreover, there are the vending machines that can translate 17 languages for foreign people and are barrier-free for people with a disability.

How to use vending machines in Japan?

In case you pay with a credit

  1. First, put in coins.
  2. Then buttons shine. Push the button that show a commodity you want.
  3. The commodity come out.
  4. Push down bar to receive charge in case you should receive it.

In case you pay with electric money

  1. Push the button that show a commodity you want.
  2. Touch your electric money.
  3. The commodity come out.

Rare vending machine of Japan

The sorts of commodities which are sold is increasing every year. It is not unusual to see vending machines which sell eggs or vegetables, breads. There are a lot of rarer machines in Japan. For example, you can buy wedding ring at a vending machine in Shibuya. And there are “Local vending machine” at Haneda airport. You can get some Japanese local souvenirs: stuffed toys, soy sauce, instant noodles at these machines.

Technology is also evolving, so there are vending machines that you can buy without touching the machines.

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