Fruit Daifuku



Do you know sweets called fruit daifuku? That was definitely one of the most photogenic foods on social media in Japan. Fruit daifuku is a sweet Japanese rice cake filled with cream and fruit. This URL introduces daifuku in more detail, so please take a look! (
Recently, daifuku is very popular because they look cute and come in many varieties. The photo below shows fruit daifuku. They’re very cute, aren’t they?

There are various types of fruit daifuku with a variety of fruit, but they used to have very few variations as one with strawberries.

History of Fruit Daifuku

Now, let me explain the origin of fruit daifuku. Traditionally, daifuku didn’t contain any fruits, but daifuku with whole strawberries inside began to appear in sweet store showcases around the 1980s.

The sweet and slightly sour taste, which is rare for Japanese sweets, instantly fascinated people. Many shops started selling their delicious treats. Despite similar types of strawberries being used, the fillings were slightly different in stores as ones with grain bean paste, bean paste, or white bean paste.
From 2020 to 2021, there was a new trend of fruit daifuku which is different from before. In the 1980s, only strawberries were used, but in the Reiwa era, various fruits such as kiwi, mandarin orange, muscat grapes, pineapple, and mango are now being used as fillings. 
This attracted many new fans. In addition to red bean paste, other fillings such as fresh cream are being used. For a limited time, seasonal fruits are also available, which makes the daifuku even more popular. In summer, for example, peaches, pears, Shine Muscat, watermelons, etc. are used. They look cute, and you can enjoy eating seasonal fruits in a novelty way. Furthermore, these daifuku have become very popular among young people. In summer, there were many shops where people lined up.
Next, I would like to introduce some ideas for eating these cute and delicious fruit daifuku. If you don’t cut these treats, you can’t see what’s inside. Therefore, it became a hot topic to cut daifuku with thread to beautifully show the fruits inside – and many people posted pictures of their cute daifuku on social media. 
Also, when you eat at a store, the daifuku can be cut in front of you. If you are not confident in cutting it by yourself, you should have daifuku cut in-store.
Also, to better enjoy the delicious taste, you should cool down fruit daifuku in your fridge. You might think that daifuku will harden when it is cold, but the high-quality fruit daifuku mochi remains fluffy even when it is cold. However, since they contain fresh fruit, the eat-by date is quite soon.

Fruit Sandwich

Fruit sandwiches are another sweet treat that has become very popular along with fruit daifuku since around 2020. Instead of ham, cheese, lettuce, or tuna fillings, fruit sandwiches contain various fruits sandwiched between fresh cream. These treats are also popular among a wide range of age groups, from young people to people working at home.
When you go to Japan, be sure to try fruit daifuku or fruit sandwiches. Also, when you visit a Japanese person’s house, your host will be very pleased if you bring them as a gift.