Influenza is a headache of this season in Japan. Influenza is a worldwide thread as you may know or even you may have experienced Influenza. But this time I am focusing Influenza at business scene.

Have you ever experienced suspension of attendance or temporary closing of classes? Japanese society especially  schools and offices are under strict rule in order to avoid spread of infection.  Once you are diagnosed as Influenza by doctor,  you are not allowed to attend school or office until doctor give permission of attendance.  Therefore many primary school are  temporary closed in this season because of  low attendance number.

Vaccination is one of the solution and it is almost a must manner. Vaccination sounds only for babies and children, but  for this case Influenza  is most common and maybe only one vaccination which adults are rushing to a clinic. This year ,again shortage of vaccination became a big problem which is not yet solved successively.

More importantly it is always recommended to preventive measures by any public places such as schools, offices, public toilets and so on. The measure  is quite easy; to wash hands, to gargle and cover with a musk! These 3 steps are quite simple but effective. For me I am now putting on musk!! When you come to Japan in winter, you may be surprised at people are putting on a musk, but do not worry, this is so every year.

Preventive Measures against Influenza!   Musk   Wash   Gargle