Job Hunting in Japan



Job Hunting in Japan

April is the first month of the fiscal annual year in Japan. Every March and April is a chance for those who are seeking for a job. Today we focus on this topic!

We are now in Job hunting season. Japanese students have already picked up some companies which they want to apply and have prepared attractive resume, photo and maybe suits&shoes.

Unfortunately smart foreign students, sometimes, are in disappointing situation. We would like to learn from others’ failures. Most of the failures could have been prevented if only they had known the procedure of Japanese Job hunting system. Let us have a look at a case study.

A girl who has good score on her major and eager toward her part time job. Every Japanese friends liked her cheerfulness. Before graduation, she felt like working in Japan and she started job hunting at the end of her last summer of university. But unfortunately all job-opening were already closed at that moment. Normally, Japanese students start job-hunting at 3rd year of university. Now we need to note, Start Job Hunting before 4th year!

A boy could not have chance to interview, in spite of his high Japanese language skill.  The reason why he could not go through was his  resume. He did not try to have any Japanese language test up until 3rd year of university and so, he did not write his appeal regarding high language skill.  Now we need to note here that receiving of test result always takes time. In Japanese society still Japanese language skill is important. Hopefully we recommend to get N2 score. You may check out of this link to know about language skills test:

Nowadays, Japanese companies are seeking someone who can compete in the global market. Global market is quite different from Japanese business style but Japan now need to see global market. Therefore the needs of foreign students as part of their strategy are getting higher and higher. Once you can stand on the same start line of  Japanese job hunters and have appropriate language skill(and never forget to show the result of the test!). Your opportunity will be much higher.

In addition, there are many organization which support foreigners to find jobs. Japanese government recently reported to expand residential permission, on the background of lower labor population due to decreasing number of children. Here are some links which can help you when you think to work in Japan.