Message from a graduate from Chulalongkorn University,-WORKING IN JAPAN-



Following to a former article”Chulalongkorn University MBA Students Visited Pasona Inc.“, here I want to introduce a woman who graduated from the Culanlongkonrn University. She is now WORKING IN JAPAN! I made a interview. Let’s see how she enjoys her Japanese working life!  

1.What did you learn at Chulalongkorn University?

I went to Chulalongkorn University and my major was in arts, culture and language. In this major I studied wide range of subjects such as philosophy, history, pop culture, literature, and a language pick of my own (Japanese).

2.What did you like of Chulalongkorn University?

What I like the most about Chulalongkorn University is the people there. In my major, everyone had come from similar international background, so it was very easy to get along and study together. It had made me look forward going to university everyday. Another aspect I like about the University is the buildings there. Each building had its own unique architecture and history behind it.

3. Why did you decide to come Japan?

One of the main reason why I have decided to come to Japan is because I wanted to know my other Japanese side of me more. I have been living in Thailand most of my life so despite having Japanese father, I did not know much about Japanese culture or their way of life. Another reason why I have moved to Japan is because I really like Japanese work ethics. Everyone is so diligent, punctual and responsible towards their work tasks, so I am hoping to gain these attributes while working here.

4. How do you like Japan now?

It has already been around 6 months since moving to Japan, and I am enjoying myself a lot. I really like how there are 4 seasons in Japan so there are so many events and festivals that I would never be able to experience in Thailand such as “Hanami” or “Christmas”.



This is the last article of this year. I thank you all readers who have visited this web site this year. I hope you are interested in Japan through this web page. New year is coming soon. I wish you will have a beautiful and fruitful new year! Hope to see you in Japan one day…

Rie Nagashima, afh Secretariat